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Tips For Writing A Research Paper About The Consequences Of Global Warming

Global warming has been a hot topic on most popular forums for many years and it will most likely, continue to be so. It’s easy to see why this is a popular topic, without even knowing much about science, anyone could see that rising global temperatures could have drastic effects on our lives. Surprisingly, many people choose to ignore the evidence, making this a worthy topic of research, despite the large amount that has already been done. As an author, writing any paper, you best bet is usually to stick to the basic, then work your way from there, by choosing to adhere to commonly accepted principle, you have simplified your task without loosing substance. In science, simplicity is often favored of complexity. Consider this list of tips to help you write a research paper on global warming:

  1. Choosing a topic
  2. There are many angles to approach the issue of global warming and this is a perfect opportunity to fabricate a fun, interesting, catchy or provocative title. Especially since there is so much about global warming all around, that most readers may browse past most of them. Design your title in the most original way possible, without missing the gist of your topic.

  3. The human impact on global climate
  4. The global climate is a large scale system, affecting all life on earth in different ways. It may seem far fetched to consider that we, humans are capable of affecting such a large system in any significant way, however, the evidence says differently. How do you view the relationship between humans and planet climate?

  5. What humans can do to change global climate
  6. Despite our insignificance relative to the size of the planet, many believe that there is much we can do to improve the situation. What do you think some of these solutions may be and have any been imposed anywhere in the world?

  7. Should this be attempted?
  8. Should we prove formidable in face of changing weather patterns, can we ever consider ourselves knowledgeable enough about planet climate to make purposeful adjustments to it? This is a very important question that must be answered in face of impending disaster.

  9. What is the worst case scenario
  10. The worst case scenario may be upon us before we see it, if we’re not there already. What are you predictions for possible worse case scenarios, if humans never intervene in global climate management?

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