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A Brief Outline For Writing A Research Paper On Depression

To compose a good research paper on depression, you should explore the subject deeply, make a strong claim, and prove it by means of the logical flow of thoughts and relevant examples. You could also consider to contact this service MyPaperDone for help. Though this task is quite challenging, it isn’t impossible. The following outline will help you take the challenge and create a decent piece of writing on any depression-related topic.

Prewriting for Your Research Paper

  • Picking the right topic.
  • Since depression is a very broad subject, set some limits to come up with a manageable and specific topic. Namely, you may focus on the symptoms of depression, write about the types of the disease, analyze causes, explore who is at risk for getting depression, or inquire into all existing methods of treatment. Any of these niches can be made even narrower. For example, instead of writing about depression symptoms in general, investigate which of them are typical for different ages or gender groups.

  • Exploring your specific topic.
  • Learn as much as possible about the topic. Read articles about depression in medical publications and on the Internet. Interview the people who have this problem and talk to those who have already defeated the disease.

  • Articulate your thesis.
  • Raise your question and answer it. This should be a single sentence specifying what you’re going to prove and how you’re going to do this.

Writing Your Research Paper

  • Crafting an introduction.
    • Start on a strong note.
    • Catch your reader’s attention by mentioning some striking statistics about depression-related suicidal acts.

    • Provide some background information on the topic.
    • It should improve your reader’s understanding of the subject in general and naturally lead to your thesis statement.

    • State your thesis.
    • Writing the body.
    • This is the meat of your paper where you should prove your thesis in an objective and reasonable way.

    • Provide some theoretical information.
    • Review the work of other researchers in the field. Analyze how these findings can support your specific thesis.

    • Share your own data.
    • Provide the results of your interviews or surveys and interpret them. These data should clearly demonstrate that your point is reasonable and strong.

    • Cite consistently.
    • When providing the direct quotations of other scientists or paraphrasing the ideas of other people about depression, remember to cite the sources you referred to. Learn the rules of the necessary formatting style and apply them consistently throughout your paper.

  • Ending your paper.
  • Your conclusion should effectively summarize the major points of your work and restate your thesis. Inform if your depression topic is covered completely or if some further investigation is needed.

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