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Interesting Ideas For Students Looking For Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper happens to be one of the most challenging tasks. The toughest part of it involves choosing the topic on which you will write the papers. There may be several topics that may allure you. You need to choose the right topic so that you can bring out the best in your research work :

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Where computers have become an integral part of our lives, the risk of online threats and cyber criminals are enhancing with every passing day. Be it the corporate organizations or personal lives, computers have wide variety of confidential information stored in them. Cyber security involves rendering protecting to computer system against such online threats, thereby ensuring that your documents and files are protected from unauthorized access.

  3. Ebusiness
  4. Electronic Business, abbreviated as e-Business are the process of conducting business on internet. In e-Business, various products are bought, sold, supplied. Customer services, payment processes are controlled on the internet. You can collaborate with your business partners and share information sitting at home only.

  5. White collar crime
  6. White collar crime refers to crime committed by business organizations or high status government professionals without violence. The kind of crimes are inclusive of bribes, copyright infringement, forgery, fraud etc.

  7. Distance education
  8. Distance education has become increasingly popular in these days as one can avail education without attending classes at the educational institute. A massive number of educational courses have come up so that students can accomplish their degrees or certain courses sitting at home.

  9. Acid rain
  10. Acid rain, in its broader term refers to the precipitation where high levels of hydrogen ions are present. Acid rain may occur in the form of rain, fog, snow or even dust, containing nitric or suplhuric acid. Such form of precipitation have toxic effects on aquatic animals, plants and even on the infrastructure.

  11. Greenhouse effect
  12. Greenhouse effect points out to the process in which harmful radiations causes warming the surface of a planet to a higher temperature. Greenhouse gases make the surface of the earth warm, causing threat to the lives of living beings.

  13. Radioactive waste disposal
  14. Radioactive wastes are essentially the remains post to the use of nuclear substances for producing electricity, treating and diagnosing several diseases. Safer methods are being obtained with an eye to dispose higher levels of radioactive wastes.

  15. Alzheimer’s Disease
  16. Alzheimer’s is the most common kind of dementia which leads to severe issues with thinking, memory loss and behavioral problems. The symptoms develop gradually and worsen with time, making daily tasks really difficult.

  17. Artificial insemination
  18. In the processes, few kinds of infertility are treated in human being. In the technique, pregnancy is achieved via vivo fertilization.

  19. Anorexia Nervosa
  20. Anorexia or Anorexia Nervosa is essentially an eating disorder caused owing to strong desires to reduce weight, fear of becoming over weight. The kind of disease becomes life threatening at time as it characterizes immense weight loss and self starvation.

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