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A Brief Research Paper Outline For To Kill A Mockingbird

You were assigned to write a research paper for to Kill a Mockingbird. You have done similar projects in the past but now you a feeling of being unsure and lost at the same time. You should not feel that way because when you finish to read this article because you will learn how to do it faster and better than you have done before. So read this article to the end and you will learn good advice on how to do it.


The first part on you task should be introduction. In this part you have to write your thesis statement. You should think beforehand what kind of statement it should be. You should pick the one that you feel is interesting for you and for people that will read your paper. Also in introduction you can write what kind of approach you will use to do your task. The first part should state the major ideas of your assignment in a short manner and introduce the reader to your whole work.


The body is the main part of your assignment. What you should do there you should state arguments to support you thesis in a logical manner. A good rule to follow is to make 3 arguments to support your ideas and to prove you thesis. You should start with a strong argument to prove your point and follow with even stronger to support your first. A good thing to do is to make a plan beforehand that way you will find that it is much easier and faster to do your work and it save the time that you would use to think what you do next.


The last part of your work in conclusion. Before writing your conclusion read your work first you to get a better idea what you did and mark the key points of your paper. This will be you argument in the last part. You should state them and explain how it effects your thesis statement. Conclusion should be short and sweet a long conclusion will get boring and hard to read. When you finish your work give it to your friend to read and point if there are any mistake that you can fix.

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