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Free Sources To Use When Writing Your Research Paper On Law Enforcement

Sources for law enforcement can be extremely expensive and difficult to access. As result, you may delay submitting your paper or even write poor quality paper. However, you can get them freely by searching in the following places:


There are numerous sites where information on law enforcement is offered freely. Books and journals can be offered in PDF format for students. Other sites provide all the information that you need so that you do not require to search further. In some sites, you may be required to freely sign up and get an account before accessing the information.

Online libraries

No need to buy a book or a journal when free sources are available on the online libraries. Just become a member and start conducting your research freely. You must however be keen to check whether the library expects you to purchase some products in the process. You must also find out whether there are any hidden charges. If any thing, take off when you are requested to offer your credit card information before getting an account.

Public and school libraries

Find out whether the library near you has the source that you need in your paper. You will not be required to pay any fee and you will be able to access the sources at any time. At the same time, go to your school library and ask the personnel to help you find the sources that you need. You may be surprised that the source you needed was always available but kept in a hidden location.

Other students

It is possible that other law students have bought the sources that you require in your study. Enquire from them and help other junior students once you finish using them. Note that some of the students will also offer you samples on papers that have been done in the past so that you don’t have to go through the entire process of finding the sources and writing.

Professional writers

You can seek for assistance from the professionals if you cannot get a specific source various sites. While you may be required to pay a small fee for the service, you will get suggestions that will help you for the rest of your academic life. In the long run, you will get value for any fee you paid to access the sources.

Certainly, there are many places where you can find credible sources for your law enforcement research paper. Consider the offline and online options and choose the most convenient one for you.

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