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A Detailed Manual On Writing A Purpose Statement For A Research Paper

Students who wish to enroll in grad schools soon realize that penning a purpose statement might be one of the most difficult things they ever had to write. It is no surprise that almost all applicants to grad schools, when they type out their first draft regarding the purpose statement, tend to get it wrong. A lot of what students have learnt regarding writing and their current style will not work when writing a purpose statement for your research paper. No matter how clear or direct, you purpose statement is, it should pack the right amount of sizzle in order to appeal to your readers.

Creating an outline

Your first step needs to be organizing all the material at your disposal that will enable you to write a proper purpose statement. You need to develop the right “hook” that can convey exactly how passionate you are about the subject and what you are willing to do for the field. It helps if you already have prior knowledge about the topic and so you can easily touch upon that. Try and be discreet.

Touching upon your background

  • You should not forget to include a description of the kind of academic background you have in the field. List all the notable classes you have taken in the past and be sure to mention all the professors have had. It helps if they were well-known in their field.
  • If you have some sort of extracurricular experience related to the topic, be sure to include that. Any activity that you had taken part in that helps your case should definitely be included.
  • Moreover, you should make a list of all the publications where your writings have been showcased along with other professional accomplishments in the particular field.

Seeking the advice from your research professors

You should not hesitate to ask your professors for their advice. They have already been through this stage in life and so what they have to tell you might be helpful in the long run. You can rely on them to provide you with not just philosophical advice but can assist you with efficient writing advice as well.

Editing helps

Make sure your copyedit and proofread your purpose statement carefully and with all your attention. Let your peers go through it as well so that they can give an unbiased opinion of how it is. You can keep working on the purpose statement as long as you like and perfect it before the deadline.

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