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5 Efficient Ideas On How To Write A History Research Paper Introduction

An introduction is an integral part of a history research paper. Besides the fact that it is the first part that the reader views, it offers a transition between different view points by the reader to your own perspective on a subject. It also creates a good first impression. It is hence pertinent to write a good introduction. Below are the tips for research paper help, so you will get engaged in the process:

  • Think about the question you need to answer
  • Since your entire paper will be centered on answering a specific question, you should do so from the beginning. This means that your introduction part should briefly offer the answer. It is for this reason that a thesis statement is an important part of an introduction.

  • Make a decision on how to open your introduction part
  • Your introduction should neither be too broad nor too narrow. The person reading it should not be made to expect more than your research paper will offer. At the same time, it should not be too narrow that the reader feels disoriented and disinterested in your work. Always strike a balance between the narrow and broad opening. A well-thought-out thesis statement will guide you to achieve this.

  • Write your introduction after completing the main body
  • From the start, you may not have an idea on the direction that your essay will take. However, as you do your research, you will have a sense of direction and as a result, you will be in a position to write the best introduction.

  • Don’t be afraid of changing the introduction
  • If you must write an introduction part from the beginning, you can have a rough daft first then change it as the paper takes shape. In some instances, you may be forced to change the whole introduction to suit your findings.

  • Your first sentence should attract your readers
  • Always offer a historical fact that the reader may have not viewed in the past. A quotation, a question, statistical facts are ideal in this case. Regardless of what you opt for, the first sentence should be well polished and interesting.

Having introduced your history research paper properly, you can be sure that the readers will read the main body and conclusion and get insights in the end. If you still have issues writing it, you may want to find professional writers on the online platform for assistance.

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