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Instructions For Writing A Research Paper On The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is one of the most popular contemporary novels chosen for research in academic papers due to its outstanding plot and symbolic system that touches upon the most painful and thought-provoking problems of a modern society. In order to compose a work based on this book that will be comprehensive and original at the same time, you have to organize your thoughts properly. It will become far easier if you do it step by step.

A Step-by-Step Manual on Composing a Winning Research Paper on The Kite Runner

  1. Determine your topic.
  2. You can study the book’s key motifs and symbols, main characters, plot features, compare the novel, the play, and the film, etc. The main thing is that your topic should be manageable and useful.

  3. Collect the necessary data.
  4. Use only the most reliable and up-to-date information that will help you develop a really powerful thesis. Try to provide insight into all existing perspectives related to your issue and evaluate them properly.

  5. Benefit from using an outline.
  6. Preparing an outline of your paper before writing will save you much effort. You can make it in a form of a mind map that will show your key ideas and the connections between them.

  7. Write and proofread.
  8. Make sure to leave enough time for writing and revising your work. As unnecessary mistakes may spoil your performance, get rid of them in advance or ask somebody whose proficiency you trust to do that for you.

Main Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Your Paper

A research paper is not similar to a simple book review so you have to make obvious why are you making this survey and what use does it have. To achieve this, you must explore your thesis on several different levels of understanding.

As a helpful tool, you can use the appropriate quotes to support your claims and conclusions. Make sure that each paragraph of your work contains at least one quote that is logically connected to your thesis and the general theme of the book.

However, try to stay within the limits of a chosen topic and present only relevant information – both in quotes and in your own claims. Avoid repetitions and meaningless sentences.

A Few Words About a Writing Style

A research paper implies using a formal writing style that excludes any subjective tone and expressions. Also, don’t sound too emotional or complicated. Simple, smooth and concise language is the best choice. Check if your department requires any additional features regarding a writing style.

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