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A Fresh List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics Related To Health

Health is one of the most sought after subjects at the moment. With people all over the world becoming so conscious about health, one needs more people to research on it. A doctoral degree in health is worth its weight in gold nowadays. Writing a thesis on health is considered a service to humanity. What we need is academic research on health. It is no more restricted to doctors. Some academic research that one can rely on, done in health can be beneficial to all. We mostly find a lot of articles and writings on health, but are often baffled if it is scientifically valid. For example, not much has been said about things like acupuncture. Are they actually efficient? Will we really get results? What are the side effects? These are some common questions that often crop up. In that context some popular topics to consider in the sphere of health would be:

  1. Consider the health care of any country or state of your choice. Analyze in detail the various properties of the Whaley care policy that are given to the citizens. Show if the health care policy being implemented is actually beneficial to the citizens or not.
  2. A recent study claimed that some basic health education should be provided in the high school level. In your paper show the benefits of having such a scheme in the country. What would be basic healthcare education that should be given?
  3. Make a survey of the amount of money a regular community has to spend on its healthcare. Analyze in terms of your survey of healthcare is costlier than it should be. What should be an optimum health care scheme?
  4. Most health care schemes don't take into consideration mental health. Insurance policies have refuted claims of covering mental health. Show why it is important to cover mental health. Analyze the condition of mental health is your country.
  5. Lots of medicines and alternate treatments are often used by people in place of scientifically approved ones. Emulate how successful these indigenous practices are when it comes to curing diseases. Detail one such treatment and its effectiveness.
  6. Propose solutions to put an end to the unbelievably high medical costs of most first world countries. Analyze into the factors that raise medical costs and how they can be solved.

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